Windows 10 New Features Never Seen Before

Windows 10 New Features Never Seen Before

27.04.2015 0 By Administrator

We say farewell to window 8 and 8.1 because window 10 is arrived on your pc and mobile tables. Microsoft has planned to show more consumer features with the system for this Microsoft worked very barely for these new features that make window 10 dissimilar from window 8.

Let’s start with start menu.

Every ones of you wants to know where the start screen go away as you open it. The start menu now looks more familiar. It has two segments first one is a classic window 7 on left hand side and second one is look like live-tile-laden in window 8 and 8.1 on right hand side. The start menu of window 10 has new formatting, color scheme and icons.

The other change to know with the start menu is actually it is re sizable so you can drag the menu and flan it out if you want a wide menu anywhere on desktop.

The next thing I want to tell you the multi-tasking if you open many windows. By clicking on task view button on task bar you can get a bird’s eye view of all of your open windows. So you can switch to any folder that you open.

In addition to that bird eye view Microsoft also through in virtual desktop. In this feature you can add more than one desktop and worked very smoothly.

Another incredible feature is flexible command prompt which is now stretchable and it also has keyboard shortcuts. You can copy and paste in command prompt so click board compatibility is now present in command prompt along with other convince shortcuts.

Security system is an essential feature for any software company.

Microsoft Company take this feature very somberly. Microsoft locate the user identity in a safe vessel. For this Microsoft familiarize new security system to protect the user identity and personal data from mugger.

There are two elements which are depend upon user’s device. First one is authentication mechanisms and PIN Code or biometric, second factor. The mugger not only need the PIN Code or bio metric material but also access physically to the device which is much harder.

Cortana is one of the new additional feature in window 10 desktop and windows phone version that make it different from the other versions of Microsoft window.  It provide helps to alerts with upcoming world event, reminds you about your today works etc.

One of the powerful function in Cortana is personal digital voice search. You can use it by clicking on microphone. It works greatly.  Now you can give the voice command to Cortana,

Say what is my today plan? Or I want to see today’s world news. Cortana will respond on the base what she knows.

As we saw some leaks earlier this month, Microsoft Company replacing internet explorer with a new browser codename Spratran project for window 10. It is clearer browser with a lot of shiny

New features and integration with other Microsoft services. There’s a Note-Taking Mode that let you draw all over the pages with a stylus or add comments with a keyboard then save the result on OneNote.

These all are the dynamic windows 10 new features. I am waiting for it very desperately. The rumors spreading around the technology table about the release date of window 10, it’s coming up in the middle of this year. So I recommend you to join the window insider program, install a preview of window 10 and enjoy these new features. Please tell us which things you like in window 10 and which things we continue to improve. Please leave your comments in the below area .