Quickly transfer all your photos to a new iPad

Quickly transfer all your photos to a new iPad

08.04.2016 0 By Administrator

There are different ways to transfer images from an old to a new iPad. Apple prefers you do it through iCloud because that is the least cumbersome. But there are other ways.


Another (reasonably) simple way to transfer photos from your old to your new iPad is by using backups. You can do this in two ways. You can back up your computer using iTunes or you can choose to do it through iCloud. The advantage of backing up via iTunes is that you are not limited in space, the disadvantage is that you need to connect your iPad with a cable to your computer. The advantage of backing up via iCloud is that you can do it everywhere (and can automatically via Wi-Fi). But the disadvantage is (like iCloud Photo Library ), is that you’re on the limitation in storage. You can buy more, but for that, you pay significantly. The options for creating a backup can be found under Settings / iCloud / Backup or in iTunes when you connect your iPad to your computer.

You can transfer pictures to a new iPad from an iCloud backup, but you probably do not have enough space.


iCloud is convenient, but it is not the only cloud service that you can use. We love the cloud because you are not tied to one location; if you have the internet, you can access your files.

To download photos from Dropbox to your iPad , open the photo you want to download on Dropbox and press the Share icon, and you choose to save the image. What if you have to do that with hundreds of photos in an archive? Fortunately, it can be faster. Download the app Photo Transfer App from the App Store (2.99 euros). Open the app, press Receive and then tap Dropbox. Sign up for your Dropbox account, browse to the folder containing the photos you want to download, make a selection, then press right on Download . Now all your photos downloaded to your iPad. Depending on the speed of your internet connection it may take some time of course.

Download via Dropbox is hard to do unless you’re using the app Photo Transfer App for that.


Then there is also a method that is not free, but indeed very useful: you can transfer pictures very easily using a program called CopyTrans . CopyTrans is software that does exactly what we want to achieve in this case, photos easily pumping between two iPads. The only downside is that a PC or Mac is required. For 20 dollars (about 17.50 euros) you can buy the full version.

When the iPad connect to your computer, you will first request (on the iPad) to allow this computer. It is important that you choose to allow the computer otherwise CopyTrans cannot access the pictures. If you have purchased the full version of the program, simply click on the button Backup now. Do you have the free version (up to twenty photos at a time), then select the photos you want to save to your PC, right-click and then click Copy to PC. Then connect your new iPad to your PC or Mac and navigate to the folder of your iPad where you just placed the pictures (or the entire backup). Drag it to the panel on the left (under the heading Albums). The photos are now added directly to your new iPad and you can also backup on the hard drive of your computer.

With a simple mouse click, you copy some (or all) photos to your hard drive with CopyTrans.