Top 5 Emerging Technologies Of 2015

Top 5 Emerging Technologies Of 2015

16.05.2015 0 By Administrator

With the passage of time tech department try to bring something new to the table. New technologies released every year which conveys enormous changes in the way people’s lives are affected by IT, with many advances in this field. There are some new upcoming tech toys which called small future of 2015.

Apple iWatch:

Finally Apple Company come up with new Smart iWatch with its great features. But due to high demand during the pre-order the launch date extended. Now it arrived in the 2016. The Apple Smart iwatch has square display with 272×340 and 319×390 resolutions, respectively. It has 1.5in 38mm and 1.7in 42mm screen sizes. Apple Smart iWatch is available in different shapes, colors and straps. Custom version of IOS designed run in iwatch and it has touch navigation but you can also controlled it by the handset’s “Digital Crown”. Apple Watch has Siri that allow the user to reply the messages. This amazing wrist watch has health and fitness sensors that tells the user about heart rate, caloriesburned, sugar level and body movements.

Window 10 Coolest Tech:

Now it’s time to take one step higher. It’s time to Window 10. User desperately waiting for it. Developers design Window 10 in a different way for user that gives more consumer features. There are some new features like Cortana a personal digital voice search, Spratran replacing internet explorer, command prompt which is now flexible, stretchable and has keyboard shortcuts, virtual desktop add more than one desktop and worked smoothly and stylish start menu. The release date of Window 10, it’s coming up in the middle of this year you can also enjoy it right now by installing its preview.

IPhone  7:

Last year iPhone6 and 6 plus already took the tech table high to the sky. Now smartphone addicted desperately waiting for lavish iPhone 7. Rumors spread around the tech table that this hottest smartphone launch in 2015. According to rumors in iPhone 7 developers used liquid metal for their body with sapphire display. We also hope that iPhone7 come with smart iWatch. It has 16 or 20 megapixel camera. It has USB Type-C connector charger because Apple Company wants to set a high stander. These all info are now rumors.

Microsoft Word 2016:

It’s time to have a new and modern Office on your PC or Laptops. Microsoft Company worked more than one year to develop a new Microsoft Office 2016 that allow the user worked more effectively. Microsoft Company pushed out to test the preview everyone to test out. For each Application there are some different color-codes like Blue for Word, green for Excel and red for PowerPoint. These all different tools worked very smoothly. MS Word create professional document, MS Excel visualize and analyze your data in new and innovative way, MS PowerPoint is a powerful software to create a presentation, OneNote making notes on digital Notebook and Outlook create a mail and enjoy fast and new look of your account.

Oculus Rift Crescent Bay -New virtual reality (VR):

Are you ready to see the Future of Games? Oculus Company designed this handsets especially for games lovers. It change your Game world. Oculus Rift provides you an immersive experience with high resolution display 1280 by 1440 per eye over the DK2’s that you feels that you are in game and play by yourself which gives you a great experience and ultra-low latency head tracking’. It has very attractive look and light weighted, so you can wear it easily. It is made of plastic and available in two colors White and Black so. The release date of Oculus Rift is not confirmed but according to rumors we hope that it arrived in the middle of 2016.