Opera browser comes with built-in free VPN service

Opera browser comes with built-in free VPN service

21.04.2016 0 By Administrator

Opera Web browser comes with a built-in VPN in his browser. Which is preliminary in addition to using for free.

Opera announces that the company is adding a free VPN service to its browser. This is standard and there is no data limit. Hence, the company wants to better protect the privacy of its users. It lets you encrypt and surf anonymously without a separate subscription or an additional program. The VPN feature is currently only available in the developer version of the browser and is simple to activate. The VPN is derived from Easy Surf, the company that Opera took over last year. The service is in a beta version of the browser that can be downloaded from today.
By using a VPN Internet traffic between the browser and the VPN server encrypted by an encrypted tunnel, for example, which makes it not easy to intercept and is if a user is connected to a public hotspot. Also, VPN changes the IP address of the user, which leads to increased anonymity.

Watch Netflix

The VPN all traffic encrypted by default. In addition, users can surf through regional blocks, such as Netflix. That has since early this year established regional blocks, but according to Opera, the Surf Easy VPN still not on the blacklist of the streaming service. According to Opera, you can still use the VPN service in the browser for Netflix, even now set up the streaming service region blockages.


There are some restrictions on the VPN. Which is currently only using three servers in the US, Canada, and Germany. It is not yet clear whether to use the unlimited VPN remains whether that Opera is working on a premium model where you can buy for example higher speeds.
The VPN service is for unlimited use and allows users to hide their IP address, bypassing firewalls and visit censored websites and provides protection when using public Wi-Fi networks as through the VPN browser traffic is encrypted. In early March, Opera has also announced the browser with a built in AdBlocker.