Importance Of Mobile Optimized Website For Business

Importance Of Mobile Optimized Website For Business

16.02.2015 0 By Administrator

To succeed in business companies must have a website and important question is what if you NOT have a mobile optimized website? Nowadays a growing number of users are using their smartphone and mobile devices to find information on web. Mobile internet usage is probably to overtake desktop internet usage by 2014. 60% of Internet user in the United States uses mobile devices to surf internet and 65 % of emails open on smartphone and mobile devices. Still many of small business have not taken advantage of getting their websites optimized for smartphone users. Nearly 85% of all standard websites do not have mobile-optimized versions of themselves.

Standard websites optimized for a computer will not suit on a mobile device. That’s why, websites are optimized for the mobile devices are becoming more and more important. With the popularity of smartphones and more adoption of other mobile devices the Internet has left offices and has followed your customers into the world.

What Does it Mean to be Mobile Optimized ?

What is meant by Mobile Optimized! The website design fit to smaller screens so user can easily see all information related to your website. If you want to stay important and attractive to your customers, you are responsible to give them easier access through all several devices.
Mobile optimized websites less expensive to develop and maintain, easily searched and viewed by all type of mobile devices.  What search engine look in your optimized website to rank it high

  • Is it user friendly
  • Is it load fast
  • Easily readable content
  • Accessible for multiple web devices and operating systems

So how can this help your business? You have a decent website, so your business is accessible from various device. The problem is that your website may look bad if it’s not mobile-friendly, which will create poor user experience and become huge risk for your online business. You will lose valuable customers if your site is not mobile-friendly.

Why your website should be mobile-friendly?

User browsing experience

What if you are browsing a website on your mobile device and a website’s content is not well structure and experience difficulty to navigate because it is not optimized for smartphone viewing? Optimizing your website for mobile significantly improve the user experience and leave a good impression for you customer.  Mobile websites have the capability to automatically detect your visitor’s device type and send the suitable user browsing experience for based on device’s specifications.

Compatibility with many types of devices

You see a lot of people around you on all kinds of devices surfing the web. As mention earlier over 55% of Americans who have smartphones and use their devices to find services. Mobile optimized work great across several platforms and devices that include desktop computers, laptops, netbooks, tablets and smartphones.

Fastest growing mobile user market

Mobile usage Exceeds desktop Usage in 2014 for First Time in History. What are user doing on mobile devices to reach the Web? According to Online Surveys

  • 99 % access content/information
  • 25% access the Internet for purchasing
  • 62% percent check email
  • 50% of all local services searches are done by mobile devices
  • 50% of the average global mobile users now use mobile
  • 60% of users not recommend a business with poorly designed mobile site.

Maximize your mobile marketing

It’s very important for all businesses to have a mobile website. Your website is mobile-optimized than customer can easily access your website anytime, wherever using their smartphone device.Build an optimizing website for mobile devices and how to mobile optimize a website will help your business to increase online sales. If your small business have not mobile friendly website for local businesses or not mobile optimized you are losing business right now. You can reach to a Broad range of users and potential customers that use mobile devices for searching the services. To effectively do this, your business must have a mobile-friendly website.

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