Internet Download Manager Fake Serial Key Problem Solved

Internet Download Manager Fake Serial Key Problem Solved

10.01.2014 0 By Administrator

Internet Download Manager is registered with a fake Serial Number or 30 day trial end maybe you have face this problems after installing IDM. This generally happens after upgrade a new version of IDM. “IDM has been registered with a fake serial key or the serial key has been blocked, Internet Download Manager  is exiting”, then if you click OK button here come out the registration form to enter a valid serial number, but u don’t know what is the serial number and how to properly install it.
The above problems usually appear on the results IDM upgrade by auto update

That is the reason why your IDM unexpectedly blocked and not working proper.  If that occur, this is not solution how many times you reinstall IDM how many times you restart the computer and install it again, your will be blocked and will until you enter a valid serial number. so if you worry about 30 day trial or fake serial key problem then here is solution of your problem, follow below steps

Follow these steps to delete registry:

1.First Step is Uninstall Internet Download Manger (IDM)
2.After un installation open RUN dialog box , Just press “Win+R” and type Regedit in RUN and press OK
3.Then registry editor will be opened
4.Then locate HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > Internet Download Manager. And Delete this folder or values on right side windows.
You can follow below screen shot to find path

5.Then locates HKEY_CURRENT_USER>SOFTWARE>DownloadManger .Also delete this folder. Some times after IDM un installation this registry folder does not exist , so if you find it delete the folder otherwise follow next step,

6.Now reboot your computer and fake serial key problem solved.

Now See below steps how to properly register IDM.

Download Latest Activated  IDM from Here

1.Open downloads folder
2.Install IDM setup you download from above link
3.Fololw Instructions to install.
4.Enjoy The register version!!