Five Best Alternatives Of YouTube

Five Best Alternatives Of YouTube

25.06.2015 0 By Administrator

YouTube is a world largest sharing center. Billions of people connect with this world in one day. But due to some stupid sacrilegious videos YouTube blocked in Pakistan. It is a big loss for Pakistani youngsters. Some of them used proxies and browsers to open YouTube but they faced different problems. Don’t worries guys there is always an alternative of good things. In the deep ocean of technology there are Five Best Alternatives Of YouTube.

Vimeo is the largest online video website. I like Vimeo it is a great alternative of YouTube.  This website is a builder of HD video chunks. User can create an account, also upload there videos freely. Different peoples like Musicians, Athletes, and Artists like dancers, painters, photographers, movie makers etc. get great advantages from Vimeo. They can show their skills to the world in high quality. launch in 2006 but at the beginning it was failed to fulfill the user requirements. After the ban of YouTube incites and get unlimited great success due to its bundle of videos. It has different categories and user can find their stuff like fashion, music cooking, technology, news and politics, education, gaming and entertainment. There are millions of fantastic videos. Registered user can watch, comment, upload and rate the videos but unregistered users can only watch and comment the videos.

Here another largest platform for searching videos which gives you a great experiences it’s called 20 million users visit this site every month. The word MetaCafe summed up is one word “unbelievable”. MetaCafe don’t believe on full-length episodes or movies it chopped the videos in different chunks. Billions of users upload there videos for promotion purpose.

A perfect place for sharing, uploading and watching videos online. Millions of people get registrations in one month. If you want to promote your skills all around the world then it is best option for you. There is a biggest completion between Dailymotion and Dailymotion is a collection of great videos.

A newly launch website after the blockage of YouTube but due some circumstances this site facing glitches problems. We hope that once the problem is fixed it becomes a great alternative of YouTube for Pakistani youngsters.It has fabulous interface with different categories like sports, technology, health and fitness, gaming, comedy, science/technology news/politics and Islamic videos on the top which is a good thing.