Block Unwanted Calls And SMS On Your Android Phone

Block Unwanted Calls And SMS On Your Android Phone

19.01.2014 0 By Administrator

Are you irritated of receiving anonymous messages unwanted calls from any or specific number, or are being harassed by a specific number, and you want to block those calls and SMS on your android phone? So, now you can block all those calls and SMS easily. In this post I will show you how to block anonymous unwanted calls and SMS to your android device. We can do this by using an android application I have seen many of the peoples using many call and SMS blockers which are very difficult to use access and manage. But I promise you after using this amazing android application will make you to manage your unwanted calls and SMS Blocked very easily.
This Android application named Call and SMS Easy Blocker Pro allows you to set up auto reject of incoming calls and unwanted SMS on a per-contact basis.

If you are receiving anonymous messages from any or specific number, or are being harassed by a specific number, you can block that number by adding it to the app’s block list.
Below are the steps how to use this awesome useful android application.

Download Easy Blocker Pro for Android

You can easily download for free using the following link. It is completely free to use and download. As I said it’s easy to use and block your unwanted calls and SMS for free. You can easily download this amazing android application for free.

After installing open the menu of the app this application has an easy to use interface in main menu you can see very simple options to customize your SMS and call block settings.


In Blacklist menu you can add numbers in blacklist to be blocked. you put the number into black list if you want to

  • Block unwanted calls
  • Block spam marketing SMS
  • Back up contacts
  • Auto response to blocked calls

With this app you can easily create blacklist where you can list all those numbers which you want to block. Simply go to Add and a popup appear then adds a contact from your contact number and phone number and then you are done. You can also select the numbers from the call logs as resent calls resent SMS and you done now you will not get any unwanted calls and SMS from those numbers that you mentioned in Blacklist.


In setting menu you can set blocking should be enabled or not. You can change call blocking mode. You can also hide block calls and block private numbers.
So, these were some of the important points and steps that you can follow and assure you to block your unwanted and anonymous calls and SMS for free. Enjoy.