The 7 best Android apps on Google Play – March 2016

The 7 best Android apps on Google Play – March 2016

20.03.2016 0 By Administrator

We select every Month the latest, most interesting and best Android apps and games and put them in a handy list. So you do nothing to miss!

In our list of app i wrote about the best Android apps of the month with more focus to the safe Proto Mail, LastPass Authenticator, and the new game Rayman Classic.



LastPass Authenticator In addition to a password manager LastPass now has released its own app for two-step verification. LastPass for himself and many other services. To activate the app LastPass first you want to turn on two-step authentication for LastPass itself. You do this by going into the settings to LastPass’ Multifactor Options. You can generate a one-time verification code.

You can then verify yourself by logging in several ways. This can be done via the unique code that the app generates every minute, or you get a push notification that you can approve or reject. You can also choose text message to receive a code.

→ Download LastPass Authenticator Google Play (free)



ProtonMail app has been tested for several months and is now downloadable for everyone. Proton Mail was made famous bythe hit TV series Mr. Robot, where the main character Elliott Anderson also uses the secure email service. The service is described as a Google Apps alternative with more security and privacy. The app encrypts all your emails so no one can recover the content.

The Proton Mail servers are located in Switzerland. Unlike email services who have their servers in the US, ProtonMail has thereby the possibility of refusing requests for information. ProtonMail uses OpenPGP to encrypt messages. When drafting an email, choose the public key of the recipient, and encrypt the message with your private key and password.

 Download Proto Mail from Google Play (free)




OnePlus Gallery manufacturer makes gallery managing and editing photos tremendously simple. In addition to the screen where photos are displayed as tiles, you can also switch to the Collections tab. Here, the app automatically organizes all your snaps in wallets.

Additionally, OnePlus Gallery offers a number of processing options. It is possible to quickly reduce a photo or crop or to provide a snapshot of a personal touch to the drawing mode. You can also add photos to your favorites and share with others.

→ Download OnePlus Gallery from Google Play (free)




Microsoft has its Office apps for Android, consisting of Word, PowerPoint, and Excel includes a substantial update. All apps have new features. The main addition

is an autosave. A feature that we know from the desktop version of Office, but which was not yet available on Android. The feature saves the changes automatically which you make.

In addition, Word, PowerPoint, and Excel also hit the version history. This allows you to easily switch back to a previous version of a file. This is useful when you want to recover an instance of text. Also new is that you now can work simultaneously on the same file with several people.

→ Download Microsoft Word on Google Play (free) 
→ Download Microsoft PowerPoint on Google Play (free)
→ Download Microsoft Excel in Google Play (free)




In recent weeks, there are again a lot of features added to WhatsApp. From now on, it is possible to make pieces of text thick- or italics. You do this by placing the words between symbols. To make something bold, put the word between two asterisks (* IT Devils*). Text in italics when you put it between underscores (_IT DEvils_).

The feature seems to work only when both users have installed the latest beta version of WhatsApp.

→ Download the beta version of WhatsApp via APK Mirror (free)



On No. 6 of Best Android Apps from month of march, Ubisoft has made the original Rayman available for Android. It is an almost direct translation of the original platformer though you control the game now with the virtual buttons on the screen. The game also supports Bluetooth controllers. This is useful, as the touchscreen controller is not ideal.

The goal in Rayman Classic is the same: run and turn your way through the levels, and make occasional use of the superpowers of Rayman. This classic is pretty tough, so make sure you pay attention and makes few mistakes.

→ Download Rayman Classic from Google Play (5 $)



With Join, you can connect all kinds of devices with each other and work together. When the Android app and browser extension installed on your

PC, it is possible to send SMS messages via your PC, copy and paste text, send files quickly and more.

Join is available for download for Android, Windows 10, and for Chrome as a web version. The app uses your Google account to connect all the devices together and stores files in Google Drive. For all functions to use, then you have to grant access to the app to your contacts, text messages, and data storage.

→ Download Join from Google Play