5 Best photo editing apps on android

5 Best photo editing apps on android

08.02.2016 0 By Administrator

Couple of years ago it was unthinkable that you could use your smartphone to edit photos. Today we turn obviously not our hand for that. We highlight five best photo editing apps on Android.

Snapseed Mobile

Speed is magic word when it comes to mobile photo editing. Most likely you’d like to quickly share a nice picture. There is virtually no best photo editing apps to do that rather than Snapseed Mobile for Android.
You can improve the picture with one push of a button or apply a filter, but you also have the option of using sliders themselves to adjust a few things, if you want to have more control. For a quick fix, you’re absolutely right with Snapseed Mobile.
Snapseed Mobile offers you the fastest way to edit photos.

Photoshop Touch

Want to do more than standard improvements, then it’s time to go for the mobile package from Adobe, which is hidden under the name Photoshop Touch . Do not be fooled by the name Photoshop, for this program, for which you can count down ten euros, of course, is not as extensive as his big brother for Windows and OS X.

That said, it is indeed a very comprehensive program, where you can not only work with images, but also can produce the most beautiful graphic creations (you have obviously the talent for it). It’s not fooling, the fact that you edit photos up to 12 megapixels. On your smartphone!

More expensive but more comprehensive, Adobe Photoshop Touch.



Quality does not have necessarily a price tag. Aviary is an app that also gives the main features of Photoshop, but free. Of course, the app is not so extensive, but if you want to throw a filter over your photos as fast or wants a little cropping, it is an excellent solution.

The nice Aviary app is the possibility of the free expanding. So you can add add-ons to include stickers, frames and overlays, so your picture will get a personal touch. It is also fun to play with the settings for sharpness, depth and contrast. Aviary has many functions, without spending even a penny without breaking down.
Pixlr is one of the best-known free best photo editing apps for Android. And that is not without reason. The app is very easy to use and does not include their functions for other free apps. But where apps like Aviary and Photoshop primarily aimed at the manually tweaking the settings, Pixlr want to just take over as much work as possible.

This is reflected especially in the array of filters that you can hang over your photos. In itself there are already a lot, but to combine, overlays to add or modify the “canvas” of your photo, you can create countless combinations. Pixlr is especially nice if you have a time and try another, but it is really very addictive.



Repix is on last number in Best photo editing apps category. Photo editing is also possible in a whole different way, for example by changing your photo into an artistic work. Repix there is a wonderful app. With your finger (or if you have the Note, the S-pen) you can transfer parts of the photo ‘painting’ in order to change your photo into a painting. The app itself is free, but you want to make full use of the filters and effects, before you buying a few extra packs in the app. A wonderfully creative way to be busy taking pictures.