30 New Gadgets To Look Forward to in 2016

30 New Gadgets To Look Forward to in 2016

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What awaits us?

Oculus Rift: It is the most famous VR glasses, but still not in the market. These glasses will come in the month of April: Oculus Rift consumer version will arrive in early 2016. Its cost in the pre-order is $599. If you’re buying now, moreover, it delivered in July.

HTC Vive: Another interesting headset, made by HTC in collaboration with Valve. That company once made games like Half-Life and now owns gaming platform Steam. Probably the Vive will, therefore, focus on games. It should come out in April.

PlayStation VR: Sony also brings a VR glasses on the market this year. It is the PlayStation VR, which is to be used with the PS4. These glasses have games like clear focus and should be released in the first half of 2016.


Small iPhone: Rumors persist that this year Apple will bring a new budget phone on the market. IPhone 5SE (or maybe iPhone 6C?) Might appear in the first half of this year. The device would be a 4-inch screen and a slightly lesser specs than the iPhone 6S. We are curious.

iPhone 7: With a little more certainty to say that this year Apple will release the iPhone 7. And that’s exciting because it’s not an S model, so we can expect major changes in the design again. Does Apple abandon the home button? Will there be an OLED screen? On these questions, we will probably get a response in September, when the company usually presents new devices.

Project Ara: What about the fact with the modular phone from Google? Ara project began as the Phonebloks project by the Dutch designer Dave Hakkens, but later became part of Google. In mid-2016, the first consumer version will come to market. Read more about: Best Upcoming Smartphone of 2016


You see them everywhere yet, but tech companies put a lot on smart watches. Also, this year there will again come new gadgets, but we are looking most forward to these two.

Apple Watch 2: Is it time for the second generation Apple Watch? In 2015, Apple’s first smart watch appeared on the market, but maybe the company will launch this year S version or completely new watch on the market. Maybe there will be a round model, but perhaps the design remains the same and the focus is on speed and performance.

Samsung Gear S3: Samsung is working hard on new wearables, the company has already on the market. The Gear S3 will possibly come to the end of this year.


Also in terms of laptops, we expect great new gadgets from the big boys again. How about this:

Macbook Air 15 inch: In recent years, the MacBook Air has become much lighter, what they do with the size this year? Rumors speak of a 15-inch model in 2016. Whether that happens or not, we still hope for a Retina screen.

Surface Book: Microsoft calls it the “ultimate laptop” and the first foreign reviews are positive. It works as a laptop, but the keyboard is loose so you can work with it as a tablet. In addition, you can completely fold the screen.

AirBar: Okay, it’s not a laptop, but a cool accessory for your notebook. The AirBar make screen touch-sensitive of any laptop. It does by projecting invisible light on your screen. Where you touch the screen, the light is interrupted, the software translates as input.

Keezel: The keezel is a secure VPN service and Wi-Fi network. You link the pebble-shaped device to your laptop and you immediately have access to a wide range of secure connections, you can also change the country. The battery is 7000 mAh and can be used as a charger for your smartphone or laptop.


With augmented reality, you can not completely close off yourself from the world, such as VR.

Magic Leap: Not yet known deeply about the Magic Leap, ultimately it has to be a broad platform for visual data processing. That sounds vague. Magic Leap is a competitor of Microsoft’s HoloLens and founder Rony Abovitz already shares some blows. According to him, are you going to be sick of the HoloLens.

Project Aura: Google acknowledged in 2015 that the Google Glass was not ready for the consumer market, but that does not mean the product is not developed. We need a new version of Glass which is likely to be clicked on existing spectacles. it would get a bigger display and can do up to two hours with a full battery. Google expected to showcase the device by Mid to End-2016.

Microsoft HoloLens is enabling you to interact with digital content in relation to your real world with high‑definition holograms. Microsoft’s start shipping HoloLens from 30th March. With the augmented reality glasses, it is possible to project screens on your wall and video games such as Minecraft to play on your kitchen table.


They are on the rise from many years, but this year we are seeing very interesting newcomers among the drones:

GoPro Karma: The action GoPro cameras are very popular to hang on a drone, but in 2016 the company comes with its own drone. Karma can not only fly, but also immediately take pictures at 360 degrees.

Lily: The Lily is a small drone that makes selfies. It flies constantly to capture you (for 20 minutes). Lily is nice and small and is waterproof. As he enters in water, it begins itself up again.
Yuneec Typhoon H: In the first half of 2016 Yuneec comes with a drone on the market that can avoid obstacles themselves. The drone also allows 360-degree videos in 4K resolution.

Parrot Disco: New drone of Parrot survived the 50-meter fall from you (depending on your Wi-Fi strength). You just throw it in the air, it can fly up to 45 minutes at a speed of up to 80 kilometers per hour. Disco Drone has a 14-megapixel camera that can make high-definition images.


Revolt: Wireless earphones completely mold your ears, so they do not fall out of your ears. On Kickstarter, the project has raised almost 1.8 million, they will be shipped this month.

Miito: It’s been a few years in development and scored a nomination for the James Dyson Award. This year Miito comes from a smart kettle that prevents you from wasting water. On Kickstarter raised over 800,000 euros for the project, he is shipped in April.

Petbot: Petbot gives your dog a treat when you’re in the office. The unit also looks as a cheerful animal. PetBot is able to capture a picture as well videos. It lets you call animals and see them or take pictures. Via smartphone, you can ensure that your pet gets a treat from the container. Awesome new gadgets, right?

Blocks: This Kickstarter Project fetched $ 1.6 million. Blocks is a modular smartwatch. The links in the band are modules that give the device longer battery life. They delivered it in May.


LG Signature G6: One of the newest TVs this new 4K OLED TV from LG, in 65- or 77-inch size. It not only looks beautiful from the front, but the device is also extremely thin. The Signature G6 comes out in the first quarter. The price is US $ 8,000.

Sony Ultra Short Throw Projector: Sony launches a new projector that takes up little space. It will not stand in the home way because you can place it close to the wall. The image is adjustable from 22 to 80 inches in HD. You can also wirelessly send images to it. It comes in the first half of 2016 for 1,000 euros.


Nintendo NX: According to rumors, a new console from Nintendo comes this year, possibly the Wii succeeds. Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata late-called it a “special game platform with a brand new concept.” We are curious.


Tesla Power Wall: The Tesla Power Wall, you can save energy by solar panels at home all day, so you can later use the power. Handy, because you get a lower fee if you provide more energy to the grid than you use yourself. The Power Wall will cost 3675 euros, without the cost of installation. Eneco is the Power Wall which is already online, it comes in April. Recently, BMW and Mercedes have introduced this type of home batteries.

We hope you‘ve enjoyed reading the collection of the 30 new gadgets, let us know which one is your favorite?