Whatsapp Tips And Tricks That You Should Know

04.04.2017 0

Whatsapp is most famous social media messenger app around the world. It’s owned by Facebook and 3 million messages are handled by Whatsapp daily. The growth of this mesmerizing app increased day by day. We pretty sure that you use Whatsapp a lot and it’s no surprise considering its most used messaging apps on the planet. While…

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Windows 10 Problems, Issues with Solutions

23.03.2017 0

WINDOW 10 PROBLEMS, ISSUES Hi, guys, all of you agree that Window 10 has demonstrated to be a boss and fine upgraded over all previous versions like window 8.1 and window 7. Developers design window 10 in a different way and it has the awesome, splendid and impressive bundle of new features. But as we all know…

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Apple Announce Video Creation iOS App ‘Clips’

22.03.2017 0

CLIP – APPLE VIDEO CREATION IOS APP Among billions of announcements a brand new iPad and iPhone 7,  Apple announces video creation ios app “clips”. Users will be capable to “create expressive and communicative videos” quite simply on both an iPhone and iPad. Another iOS app for making and offering fun recordings to, content, impacts, illustrations, and…

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30 New Gadgets To Look Forward to in 2016

21.03.2016 0

SMARTPHONES, VR GLASSES, DRONES AND MORE. THE COOLEST 30 NEW GADGETS ON OUR WISHLIST. VR HEADSETS What awaits us? Oculus Rift: It is the most famous VR glasses, but still not in the market. These glasses will come in the month of April: Oculus Rift consumer version will arrive in early 2016. Its cost in the…

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5 Best photo editing apps on android

08.02.2016 0

Couple of years ago it was unthinkable that you could use your smartphone to edit photos. Today we turn obviously not our hand for that. We highlight five best photo editing apps on Android. Snapseed Mobile Speed is magic word when it comes to mobile photo editing. Most likely you’d like to quickly share a nice picture. There is…

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