Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts


Windows 8 offers a diversity of keyboard shortcuts to help users navigate the new interface and launch different features and commands. Though you can surely get around using just a mouse, you will most likely find it helpful to learn on certain keyboard Shortcuts. This section lists of the new keyboard shortcuts introduced in Windows 8 and 8.1 with some familiar shortcuts that have long been part of Windows.

Windows 8 UI Shortcuts:

Shortcut                                   Description
Right arrow                             Move right one tile on Start screen
Left arrow                                Move left one tile on Start screen
Down arrow                             Move down one tile on Start screen
Up arrow                                  Move up one tile on Start screen
Home                                        Move to first tile on Start screen
End                                            Move to last tile on Start screen
Ctrl+-                                        Zoom out
Ctrl++                                       Zoom in
Windows+=                             Turn on Magnifier
Windows++                             Zoom in with Magnifier
Windows+-                              Zoom out with Magnifier
Windows+Z                             Display app bar in current Windows 8 app
Windows+Tab                         Cycle through all open apps on Switch List bar
Windows                                  Go to Start screen, or toggle between Start screen and last app
Tab                                             Switch between Start screen tile and profile name and picture in upper-right corner
Alt+Tab                                     Cycle forward through all open apps in center window
Alt+Shift+Tab                          Cycle backward through all open apps in center window
Windows+Q                             Search
Ctrl+P                                        Print from current app
Windows+P                              Connect to second screen or projector
Windows+L                              Lock PC

Charms Bar Shortcuts:

Shortcut                                    Description
Windows+C                              Display Charms bar
Windows+Q                             Display Search charm
Windows+H                             Display Share charm
Windows+K                              Display Devices charm
Windows+I                               Display Settings charm

Search Shortcuts:

Shortcut                                    Description
Windows+W                            Search settings
Windows+F                              Search files

Windows 8 App Shortcuts:

Shortcut                                 Description
Windows+.                            Snap current Windows 8 app to the right and then cycle to left and full screen
Windows+Shift+.                 Snap current Windows 8 app to the left and then cycle to right and full screen
Alt+F4                                    Close the current app
Alt+D                                      Display address bar in Internet Explorer
Ctrl+E                                     Select search box in Internet Explorer

Miscellaneous Shortcuts:

Shortcut                                Description
Ctrl+Shift+Esc                     ]Open Windows Task Manager
Windows+X                          Open Power User Tasks menu
Windows+E                          Open File Explorer
Windows+R                          Open the Run command
Windows+U                          Open Ease of Access Center
Windows+                             Enter Open Windows Narrator
PrintScrn                               Take screenshot of current screen
Alt+PrintScrn                       Take screenshot of active window in desktop environment
Windows+PrntScrn            Take screenshot and save to Pictures folders
Ctrl+A                                    Select all files or other objects in a window
Ctrl+X                                    Cut selected file
Ctrl+C                                    Copy selected file
Ctrl+V                                    Paste copied or cut file
Ctrl+Z                                    Undo last action
Ctrl+Y                                    Redo last action


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