Whatsapp Tips And Tricks That You Should Know

whatsapp tips and tricks

Whatsapp is most famous social media messenger app around the world. It’s owned by Facebook and 3 million messages are handled by Whatsapp daily. The growth of this mesmerizing app increased day by day. We pretty sure that you use Whatsapp a lot and it’s no surprise considering its most used messaging apps on the planet. While you might an avid Whatsapp user, chances are you are not aware of all cool Whatsapp tips and tricks that are hidden inside Whatsapp.

 That’s  way we are here in this article, we are going to emphasize well-known Whatsapp tips and tricks.



Message Formatting:

Like other applications or software’s like Skype or MS Word, you can format your text to make it more emphasis and highlighting. Same way, Whatsapp permit you to make your word or phrase bold, italic or strikethrough.

  • Open chats, type message, but add some symbols, just before your word or phrase like
  • For making words bold add a star (*) before and after your word or phrase

Example: *Hamid* — Hamid

  • For strikethrough text, use tilde symbol (~) before and after your word or phrase.

 Example: ~Mateen~ — Mateen

  • And for creating italicized word or phrase just use the underscore (_) before and after your text.

Example: _ZebUnNisa_ — ZebUnNisa


Whatsapp Tips And Tricks



Whatsapp Background:

If you are tired of your chat background image now there is the option to play with your Whatsapp background image.

  • Open your Whatsapp
  • Click on menu and then select Settings
  • There is an option of chat click on it
  • Choose your favorite wallpaper from your gallery or Whatsapp library and view live preview
  • Now enjoy your favorite colors or images as your Whatsapp background wallpaper.

Whatsapp Tips And Tricks


Two Whatsapp Accounts in a Single Phone:

Now you can use two Whatsapp account in a single without any third-party tool. All you need just that your android phone has the latest version of the lollipop and second SIM card.

  • Open phone Settings -> users
  • Click on add user, New or Guest user.
  • After creating the new user, login to your Google Account through the new user.
  • Download and install Whatsapp through Play Store
  • Login with your new number and enjoy two Whatsapp account


Whatsapp Tips And Tricks

Hide Blue Ticks:

I think this is the biggest trouble for every second person who uses Whatsapp mainly when you don’t want to reply an annoying person and that person sees that you read the message. There are some Whatsapp tips and tricks through which you can off these blue tick.

  • Go to Setting -> Account -> Privacy
  • Uncheck Read Receipts



Whatsapp Tips And Tricks

Recover Old Messages:

This is one of the best hacks among all Whatsapp tips and tricks. Sometimes due to some reasons or by mistake you just delete your messages. Don’t worry guys here is one trick to recover your messages.

  • Go to a Whatsapp folder of your phone
  • Click on database folder
  • There is the file named msgstore.db.crypt
  • This file contains all your messages which you sent and receive on the same day
  • There is another file in the same folder msgstoreyyyy..db.crypt which contain last seven day’s messages.
  • Open these two files in any text editor and read your all Whatsapp messages


Whatsapp Tips And Tricks

How Long You’ve Been Ignored:

if you actually want to know that when was your message read and how long your message have been ignored.

  • Simply go to Chats > Specific chat > Specific message > Press and hold > Tap the info “i” icon at the top


Whatsapp Tips And Tricks


Whatsapp Tips And Tricks




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