Top 10 Sites To Make Money Online By Sharing Photos


Make Money Online By Sharing Photos

You can make money online by sharing photos. You can earn a few extra bucks just for sharing your images. Some sites might pay you just for views and others will pay you if someone downloads your pics.
Here is a list of some best website that pays for sharing images.

1.ShutterStock :  pay you for selling your images. They pay you 0.25$ per sale of your image depending upon your image. It is a good method of earning if you are a professional photographer or if you have some amazing unique images owned by you.

2.Share Pic :  pays you per thousand views. They pay you 0.22$ per thousand views. You can directly publish your photos to Face Book using this website. You can share your car pics, your pets pics or even your own pics. Minimum payout amount is 20.00$. Primary method of payout is via PayPal but you can payout using various gift cards such as

3.Free Range Stock : is a great Photography revenue sharing site where you can earn money from sharing your photos. You must have a Google ad sense account (its free). After submitting your photos, your ad sense code will be placed on your profile and download page. And they will share 80% of the revenue generated by Google ad sense ads with you. 80% is a lot!

4.Rotatrix Friends : is a fairly new photograph revenue sharing site, which is growing quickly. Upload video, photo and blog and earn money. You can use Google ad sense to monetize your pages. The best thing is that you get to keep 100% of the revenue generated.

5.Flixya : give paid to share your photos, videos and even blogs. They give you 100% of the revenue generated by your pics and videos, which is great.

6.Picable :

With Picable start uploading and sharing your photos for free and earn monthly Royalties for them.

7.PicEarns : pay you per thousand impressions. They pay 0.4$ per thousand impression which is quite good. Minimum payout is 10$ via check or PayPal. They claim you will get your money in 7 days after payout.

8.Citizen : Photographers, join now and start uploading the images you want to sell immediately. Citizen Image will market and sell your images by proactively pushing them not their website to the editorial, creative and the media buyers that matters.

9.Brite Pic : adds interactivity {Email this image, Link to this image, Zoom in and out, Captions that slide out, Subscribe to RSS, etc.} and Ads from AdBrite (if you want them) to the photos on your website. Upload your pictures and get the ad revenue, even if your pic is embedded elsewhere.

10.Tube Image : gives you the option to earn money using adSense by setting up a share system that allows you to earn 100 % revenues from your image uploads.


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