How To Create A Picture Password in Windows 8


Picture Password in Windows 8

Want to keep your PC secure without setting up a complex password that you can vaguely remember? No problem! You can create a picture password in windows 8 to keep your system secure minus the hassle of trying to remember which special characters you used.

Here’s how: First, press the Windows Key + I combination. This will take you to the settings charm. Next, proceed to “Change PC Settings” located at the bottom right of the window and go to the Users Tab.

Under “Sign-In Options”, click the “Create A Picture Password Button”. You will now be asked to choose any picture and define three gestures anywhere on it.

picture password in windows 8

It can be any combination of circles, swipes, or clicks. After confirming it, the picture password will be set.

Take note, the gestures do matter so remember them well. So maybe you can’t really get away from remembering stuff when accessing your PC? But hey, that’s a lot easier than trying to recall a 12-character password!


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