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Are you trying to promote you content rapidly on Facebook? Or finding any way that helps you to share you posts quickly to your facebook friends? So, you are in right place we consequently share Facebook tricks with you. Now in this post I am sharing one of them amazing trick. We’ll do this by a script with this trick it’s very Easy to Post your Status, content or anything on various walls of friends, groups and pages in just single click. Simply follow my steps and I’ll show you how to post on friends walls or Timeline.

 1. Copy  All Code  :  Code Link
Ctrl a – Select All Code
Ctrl c – Copy All Code

2. Move to Facebook Home.

3. Then if you are

Chorme User :-

-►Press F12 to open ConsoleBox OR Press Ctrl+Shift+J for ConsoleBox .
-► Paste All The Code by Ctrl+v
-► Enter . DONE.

Mozilla User :-

-►  Press Ctrl+Shift+k to open ConsoleBox
-► Paste All The Code by Ctrl+v .
-► Enter . DONE.

4. After that wait a while it will prompt you to refresh page, simply refresh the page. Your post will be posted automatically on all of your friends Time line.


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